Chapter I-1: A new day with only collected snow on the ground

 “Ahh~n, even sleeping ten hours doesn’t seem enough…” Shou yawned as he stretched. The two siblings tread across the snow from last night, producing a crunching sound underfoot.
 “Shou! Don’t close your eyes when you walk! You’re going to fall over and hit yourself like this!” Yuu scolded.
“Uuu…it’s so cold…I wanna sleep…” Shou completely ignored his sister’s truthful concern, and continues to walk forward in large steps.
“Ah…” Yuu was about to warn Shou when a thudding sound led to the numbing feeling of a cold, pole-like object to Shou’s senses, literally bringing stars to his eyes. “…Lamp post.” It was too late by the time Yuu finished her sentence. Unrelenting to the situation, Shou stood back up and brushed off the snow on his coat, and again started to march in broad steps. Only after a few steps, he once again was unable to resist the cold and temptations of the sleep demon, and his eyes slowly clasped together.
So you haven’t learned your lesson, have you? Yuu thought. She raised her voice and shouted, “Shou! There’s a killer bear in front of you!”
“Ahh! What?!” Believing in her sister, Shou yelped and pulled himself hard about.
THUD. This time this sound came from the friction of two people in thick coats colliding, and a dull splashing sound from collapsing to the snowy ground.
“Hey, what the hell do you think you are doing, running into my face like that? Ow, ow…” Yuu complained to her brother in her usual vocal manner.
“Well, you said that there was a bear in front! So naturally I used my ultra-cool combat skills and of course, make this quick flip backwards…” Shou countered, also in a loud voice.
Yuu hammered Shou’s head in anger. “You fool!” While they are fighting, the school not far ahead rang its first series of bells.
They have five minutes remaining.
 After the bout, they rushed toward the school with all due speed. Shou found his name on the attendance list posted on the main hall in record-breaking time, and immediately began his dash towards the classroom.
 “Where did this child come from, dashing down the hallway like that!” A teacher commented with a frown as he zoomed past her. Shou only knows that he has to arrive on time today, and pays no attention to any other matter at the moment.
 The next twenty-nine seconds determined whether or not his fate will start on the right tracks.

 Shou calculated his next moves as he ran: He will first pull open the sliding door and while still grabbing it, use the inertial force to slingshot himself to turn towards the teacher’s podium, and stop himself dead short in front of it. If there was too much speed, he’d give an extra spin after the turn and shake it off. He gave a grin when he pulled open the door and his hand held onto the ledge, and gave a full spin as planned, but to his surprise there was no teacher’s podium, and he lost balance, crashing and tumbling over a couch from the back.
 “Sorry! I’m late!” Shou panted. It did not even matter if he was late or not. The pairs of eyes from the entire class of twenty-and-some students and a teacher all focused on the gasping Shou, his face burning up in embarassment.
 The teacher rose from her desk on the far side of the room. “Oh no, oh no. You’re on time. Please find a seat and sit down.” She said with a default smile. Getting up while panting madly, Shou’s legs wobbled gave in, again collapsing onto his knees to the ground. The entire population of the class stared with amazement and a few people lost control and burst out laughing, as their new classmate clumsily and humorously got back to his feet.
 After reporting his name, Shou noticed a boy waving his hand at him. The desks in class were grouped together in groups of four, and the boy who waved sat with two girls. A girl in a ponytail sat across from the boy, shifting uneasily in her seat, while the girl who sat next to him sat back silently, with her eyes closed. From closer observation, the girl with the ponytail’s height is about half a head taller than Shou, and made all the student desks and chairs seem short and clumsy for use. The other girl, in a cherry pink V-neck cardigan over a cream-coloured shirt and a crimson headband, while seemingly immobile, was twirling a mechanical pencil with her slender but strong-looking fingers. At that time, the bell rang its final tones. Unable to do much else, Shou headed towards the empty desk.


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