A Spurt of Creativity…

Posted On February 11, 2009

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…Gives birth to One.
One gives birth to Two.
Two to Three.
And Three to a Myriad Things.

While I may not be anywhere near the Dao, indeed a spurt of an idea gave the beginnings of this blog to record all writings of my past and present not related to research or information to Hanist propaganda. (See my main site “Accounts of the Lutenist from Beaver Creek” on Blogroll)

The primary purpose of this blog is to record my work “The Snowing Clear Skies on April 29th”, originally written in Chinese in 2004 under the title 《四月二十九日的下雪晴天》, in its most updated and revised version. It is my hope that with enough support,  the novel can be published in paperback format.

On the side, my previous poems, couplets, and paintings may also be shown here. While I try to keep the English readers informed on the other languages via providing a translation, I prioritize with transmitting the original text in its most original context.

I hope that you will enjoy my writings, and support the process of the novel in its creation.