The Novel

The Snowing Clear Skies on April 29th is originally a script written for a high school DECA project for the creation and marketing of a Japanese-styled interactive visual program popularly known as a “Romance Adventure Game/Visual novel”. While the project received first place in the 2005 Ontario Provincials, no new progress has been announced on the game project itself, as it lacked the proper personnel and skills in the art that is required. Nonetheless, the story has lived on and continued to develop and undergo various revisions, and is now brought to this blog.

The story depicts the growth and early life of Shou Tachibana, a young suburban boy in a well-cultured family. His self-enlightenment in love eventually foils the true nature of his self.

The Characters
The Children

Tachibana Shou, Age 9Shou Tachibana
Age: 9
Birthday: May 6
Interests: Cooking, writing and journalism, Classical music
Inspirations: Oriental culture, swords, long clothing
Personality: Emotional, romantic, has great imagination and creativity. Focuses on mood in life; full of compassion and love, daring to pursue ideals and novelty things. Strengths include good taste and inquisitive ideals. But emotionally unstable, too easily moved and emotionally hurt.

Utsuki Yuki, Age 10

Yuki Utsuki (Left)
Age: 9
Birthday: April 29
Interest: Visual arts (drawing, painting), taking care of children
Inspirations: Snow, sakura, Konpeito, simple clothing
Personality: Extremely caring about face, appearance and personal image; very sensitive to others’ opinion. Self-centered, power desiring and territorial. She is religious, independent and responsible, treasures fame and gets respect. Weaknesses include being too serious, too narcissistic and cannot lower her position, and like to direct or control others.

Ogasawara Ei, Age 10

Ei Ogasawara (Right)
Age: 10
Birthday: March 25
Interests: Music (only listening), creative writing, public speech, English tea (without milk)
Inspirations: transparent or translucent things, reflective things
Personality: Has powerful imagination, dreams and creativity. Full of energy and continues to strive for new things. Likes to discover, venture and travel; very heavy sense of duty, high-achiever. Strengths include high-energy, able to take on challenges, very independent; truthful and trustworthy. She can also be narcissistic, picky on others and tactless, enraging others.

Watanabe Jyun, Age 9

Jyun Watanabe
Age: 9
Birthday: August ?? (He never said)
Interests: Mechas, creative writing, techno-oriented matters
Inspirations:  Conspiracies, occult and supernatural phenomena
Personality: Quirky and daring to challenge social standards. Rather than saying full of creativity, he is sensitive to the weaknesses of another and approaches a person from that perspective, depending on how he wants to treat the other person. Strengths include sensitive to underground trends and people’s opinion, and realizes things earlier than others. However, his weaknesses also originate from this sharp attitude toward life.


Other characters:

Tachibana Yuu, Age 13Yuu Tachibana
Age: 13
Shou’s older sister. Attuned to popular trends and music, and loves to pick on Shou. However, she sees to him in every detail, including walking with him to and from home and school. 

Kousei Tachibana, v.2Kousei Tachibana
Age: ?? (early 40’s)
Father of Yuu and Shou. An expert on geomancy, he works as a consultant to architecture firms and interior designers from his home office. Part-Chinese in descent, he is also a guqin player, a rare knowledge for a Japanese. Towards his children, he prefers “inaction” in discipline, providing himself as a model rather than actively reforming them. Likes to speak in riddles.

Suiryuu Tachibana, v.2Suiryuu Tachibana
Age: ?? (late 30’s, early 40’s?)
Mother of Yuu and Shou. Little is known of her past, but has worked in a corporate firm in the past. It was said that she handled unexpected situations much better than her husband in a business environment, and can be seen from her excellent management of affairs in the household, especially of issues and quarrels between the children.

Ogasawara Takakage, v.2

Takakage Ogasawara
Age: 36
Father of Ei and Kiyoshi. A commercial interior designer. His natural cool demands the respect of people who first meets him. He values togetherness of his family, and has taken them along every move in his career.

Mizuki Ogasawara (v.2)

Mizuki Ogasawara
Age: (Early 30’s?)
Mother of Ei and Kiyoshi. Asides from the regular housewife chores, she is a best-selling author of mystery novels for teens. Her love for her children is unambiguous, just like the way she speaks.

Ogasawara Kiyoshi (v.1)

Kiyoshi Ogasawara
Age: 7
Younger brother of Ei. Has a similar interest with Shou in swords, and keeps several plastic ninja blades under his bed. Influenced by his father, he pays good attention to fine detail and likes to build castles with a creative flair. Otherwise, a typical mischievious first grade schooler.


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